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The Marist College Center for Sports Communication and Unanimous A.I. have partnered to help predict and explain some of societies biggest sporting events and ideas. Working together, they will make weekly predictions and analyses based on Unanimous A.I.'s proven swarm intelligence. Check here each and every week to see some of the predictions we're making and the questions we're asking.

Unanimous A.I. combines crowd-sourced human input and A.I. algorithms to create Swarm A.I., a completely new form of intelligence. Modeled after swarms in nature - which converge on optimal solutions with remarkable efficiency - Swarm A.I. technology transforms groups of regular people into real-time intelligent systems that "think together" to derive optimized answers.

February 25, 2017: UNU'S SWARM TAKES ON THE DAYTONA 500

NASCAR fans, get your ear plugs ready. The Daytona 500 kicks off the 2017 Monster Energy Cup season, and the UNU Swarm is at it again. The 59th running of this historical race features a star-studded race lineup, along with a musical performance by Lady Antebellum and an appearance from Owen Wilson as the Grand Marshall. The swarm answered a variety of questions regarding the race.

Chevrolet car will race to victory according to UNU. With 82% brainpower, this week’s swarm says Chevy will be the manufacturer of the winning car. This doesn’t seem to be too surprising of a pick considering that several of the favorites to win race in a Chevy car. Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon, and Kevin Harvick are just a few racers who will be seen in a Chevrolet car on race day.

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When it comes to car numbers, UNU has evens over odds. What seems like a 50/50 question, the swarm is confident witht 92% brainpower (the highest in all Daytona 500 predictions) that the winning car will be an even number. Of course, nine of the top ten favorites to win the race sport an even number on their car.

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UNU looks long term, picks Jimmie Johnson to win the 2017 Monster Energy Cup Series. Johnson is the reigning champion, just edging out Joey Logano and Kyle Busch for the Cup title. The seven-time NASCAR champion looks to get a head start this weekend in Daytona, an event which he has won twice. Johnson has 58 all-time Cup Series race wins to his name and is one of the most talented and experienced racers in the field.

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Swarm proceeds with caution and says there will be eight or more cautions during this weekend’s race. With low confidence, UNU picks over 7.5 for the number of cautions in the Daytona 500. In race history, the average number of caution flags per race is 4.7 with the largest number being 16 and the lowest number being 0. Varying greatly from year to year, this is a relatively unpredictable statistic. So the Swarm's low confidence is expected.

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Swarm picks Dale Earnhardt Jr to capture third Daytona 500 title. Earnhardt is racing for the first time since last July due to a concussion and looks to make a big splash in his 2017 debut. With 78% brainpower, UNU believes Earnhardt will kiss the bricks this upcoming Sunday in Florida. One of the greatest and most popular racers in the field, Earnhardt is potentially racing in his final Daytona 500. He wants to go out on top, and would have to consider retirement if he is able to bring home the cup.

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The NBA All-Star Weekend is upon us, and the UNU Swarm is making predictions. This year’s events will take place in New Orleans, where the 2014 All-Star Weekend was held as well. Aside from the All-Star game itself, the main events of the weekend will include the Rising Stars Challenge, the All-Star Celebrity Game, the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, JBL Three-Point Contest, and the Verizon Slam Dunk contest.

UNU was most confident about the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon coming home with the Verizon Slam Dunk title. With 86% brainpower (the highest in all of all all-star predictions), the Swarm has little doubt that Gordon will win the award. To prove how truly confident they were, the Swarm was willing to risk $92 out of a maximum $100 on Gordon. Of course this could be because back-to-back champ Zach Lavine will not be participating this year, making Gordon a heavy favorite.

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UNU was also confident in Golden State’s Klay Thompson winning the JBL three-point contest.With 82% of brainpower, the Swarm was quite confident that the sharpshooter would defend his three-point contest title. It would’ve been interesting to see what the Swarm would’ve chose had Thompson’s teammate Stephen Curry accepted an invitation to the competition…

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Boston’s Isaiah Thomas has dominated the NBA in recent months, and now UNU predicts he will dominate the Taco Bells Skill Challenge as well. The swarm used 78% of brainpower in chosing the Celtic to win the competition. Despite this confidence, the Swarm would only risk $28 on Thomas out of a maximum $100, so they may not necessarily be so confident to put their money where their mouth is.  

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In the All-Star game itself, the Swarm is picking the Western Conference All-Stars to defeat the Eastern Conference All-Stars. The Swarm picked the West to win with "high confidence" and used 75% of brainpower in making the pick. This isn’t too much of a surprise considering that on paper, the West looks much stronger than the East.

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To cap off the predictions, the Swarm was asked to predict who will win the MVP of the All-Star Celebrity Game. With four-time MVP Kevin Hart not playing in this year’s event, the award is surely up for grabs. The game will feature celebrities such as Mark Cuban, Andy Grammer, Jason Williams, and Candace Parker -- to name a few. But among all those and others, the Swarm chose Nick Cannon to win this year’s MVP with a brainpower of 72%.

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After yet another thrilling championship in the Super Bowl, UNU looked back at past year of championship events. Between the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship, Game 7 of the World Series and NBA Finals, College Football National Championship Game, and of course Super Bowl LI, there were some incredible championship performances. With such a historic year, we asked the Swarm which championship game they thought was the best.

Of all the thrilling championships, a swarm of 27 sports fans decided that Game 7 of the World Series was the best championship game from the past year. Despite the number of fantastic finishes, the Swarm used a surprisingly high brainpower of 73%. A big reason for this was probably that the winners of the game, the Chicago Cubs, won their first world championship since 1908.

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UNU also declared the 2008 Super Bowl the greatest of all time. Which refutes the notion of a recency effect of this past Super Bowl -- and may also reflect that while this past Super Bowl had a thrilling fourth quarter and finish, it was also non-competitive for much of the game.

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Of course, the Marist College Center for Sports Communication/UNU Swarm cares about more than just sports. In fact, in the Swarm now has its eyes on the Grammys. This Sunday, the top musical personalities will be commended for their work during the past year. Drake, Beyonce, Kanye West, and Adele headline this year’s nominations. But who will take home hardware? Here are some of the Swarm’s predictions for the annual event.

With a high level of confidence, the Swarm predicted that Adele’s “Hello” would win record of the year. Using 92% brainpower, UNU is confident Adele would take home this high honor.

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UNU wasn’t only confident in Adele winning record of the year. In addition, the Swarm also believes that "Hello" will win song of the year, Adele's "25" will win pop vocal album, and Adele will win best pop solo performance for "Hello." UNU is extremely confident about this as well, with an average of 87% brainpower for those three predictions. Evidently, the Swarm is predicting a big day for Adele.

Song of the year swarm here.

Best Pop Vocal Album swarm here

Best Pop Solo Performance swarm here

 Despite UNU's confidence in Adele, UNU also predicts that Beyonce’s “Lemonade” will win album of the year. Using a decently high brainpower of 75%, the Swarm was pretty confident that Beyonce will come away with the high honor come Sunday. Beyonce leads all other artists with nine Grammy nominations.

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In case you're interested, here are two other UNU predictions for the Grammys.

 Best new artist: CHANCE THE RAPPER

Best Pop Duo or Group Performance: WORK (RIHANNA FT DRAKE)


The biggest sporting event of the calendar year has arrived. Both teams have had very convincing runs to the Super Bowl – the Patriots won their two games by a combined 37 points, while the Falcons won their two games by a combined 39 points. With a spread of only 3 points, the game is expected to be a competitive one.

 UNU has had a strong run so far this postseason, and they’re looking to put the icing on the cake with their Super Bowl picks. Through the conference championship games, UNU boasts a 9-1 record against the spread across the NFL playoffs. The only pick that UNU missed was in the NFC Championship game, when the Green Bay Packers were pummeled by the Atlanta Falcons and failed to cover the +4 spread.

 Ahead of the Super Bowl, researchers at Unanimous AI asked UNU to predict multiple aspects of the big game. To find out, we brought together a Swarm A.I. of nearly 50 sports fans from across the country and challenged them to predict the outcome of 20 Super Bowl Prop Bets. An UNU Swarm is science pure and simple, based on the kinds of observed swarm behaviors scientists have noted in nature for centuries. A Swarm A.I. represents the potential of a group truly thinking together, elevating its output beyond the sum of its parts. This amplification of intelligence proves invaluable, as the swarm vastly outperform individual competitors in items such as predicting the outcome of sporting events.

Despite the fact that this year's Super Bowl is supposed to be a close game, UNU has delivered highly confident picks. Below are the findings of those picks -- just in time for the big game.

 Interestingly enough, UNU is picking against the Falcons yet again… and it isn’t even close. With 78% of brainpower, UNU had picked the Patriots -3 with high confidence. Despite the small spread, it seems that the Swarm is ignoring the Falcons season-long dominance and are instead siding with the experienced Patriots led by four-time champ Tom Brady.

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 Despite the high confidence of the Patriots winning and covering, UNU predicts that Matt Ryan will have a good game. With 78% of brainpower, UNU was also highly confident that Matt Ryan would throw for more than 26.5 completions on Sunday evening. That high level of confidence comes despite the fact that Ryan completed only 26 passes in the Divisional round and 27 passes in the NFC Championship. Clearly, the Swarm anticipates an offensive showdown.

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 UNU further predicts that there WILL be a score in the first five and a half minutes of the game. UNU was highly confident about this as well, using 76% of brainpower. This year’s Super Bowl features arguably the two best offenses in the NFL, which was probably considered by the Swarm. On the defensive side, the Patriots may have the statistical edge over the Falcons, but neither team is known for their strong defense.

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 In the end, based on the results of this week’s Swarm, UNU is highly confident that the Patriots will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy at the conclusion of Super Bowl LI and cover the 3 point spread to go along with it.

 Here were some of the other predictions UNU had (and links to the swarms):

 Over/under completions for Tom Brady? (o/u 25.5): OVER

Kicker scoring the most points? GOSTKOWSKI

First score of the game will be? TOUCHDOWN

Which team leads at the half? PATRIOTS

Which team scores last? PATRIOTS

Color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach? ORANGE