Undergraduate Curriculum 

Sports Communication takes students beyond scores and statistics. Students have the opportunity to analyze and explore sports in new ways, through critical examination of the role of sports in society. The curriculum incorporates ethical and theoretical analysis of sports including the influences of gender, race, and public policy. In addition to a strong theoretical foundation, sports communication courses give students the opportunity to apply concepts in practical situations through the completion of projects and internships.

B.A. in Communication Foundation Courses

COM 101 Public Presentations

COM 102 Introduction to Communication

COM 103 Digital Toolbox

COM 200 Communication Research: Strategies and Methods

Sports Communications Concentration Courses

COM 242 Introduction to Journalism

COM 260 Sport, Culture, and Communication

COM 308 Communication Internship (3 credits)

COM 365 Issues in Sports Media

Select two:

COM 445 Sports Reporting

COM 448 Sports Broadcasting

COM 460 Sports Public Relations

Communications Elective Course

Students are required to take four additional communication elective courses at the 300-400 level. These courses may be drawn from any area of the communication curriculum. Potential electives to complement a sports communications concentration and the student’s career focus within the field include:

Broadcast Focus                                                                                                                           Production Focus

COM 331 Broadcast Newswriting                                                                                                COM 387 Audio for Media

COM 332 Producing the Newscast                                                                                              COM 393 Video Production II

COM 463 Broadcast News Workshop                                                                                         COM 398 Advanced Editing Techniques

Journalism Focus                                                                                                                          Public Relations Focus

COM 300 Mass Communication Law                                                                                          COM 370 Public Relations

COM 322 Newswriting                                                                                                                    COM 470 Organizational Writing

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Potential Minors and Certificates

Marist offers a wide range of minors and certificates to broaden students’ knowledge and complement a sports communication major. Minors and certificates to consider:

Business Minor

A business minor offers students a foundation in organizational operations, writing, and communication. This foundation is useful for students interested in sports administration and sports management careers. Potential courses of interest include: Marketing Principles and Organizational Behavior.

Psychology Minor

A psychology minor offers students an understanding of psychological techniques and research methods. Sports communication students can benefit from the psychological examinations of how and why individual think, feel, and act in particular ways. Potential course of interest include: Sports and Exercise Psychology and Social Psychology.

N.Y.S Coaching Certificate

Marist offers students the opportunity to graduate with a New York State Coaching Certificate. The foundation courses benefit students interested in coaching as a career or part-time job following graduation. Foundation courses include: Principles and Problems of Coaching, Movements in Sports, and First Aid and Care of Injuries.