Marist Athletics Internships 

The Marist Center for Sports Communication maintains a mutually supportive relationship with the Marist Division I Athletics Department. One way this is manifest is though a robust internship program for sports communication students.  The department offers four distinct internships in both fall and spring semesters -- compliance, game day operations, marketing, and sports information. This variety of internships offers students the opportunity to choose a focus closely related to their individual career goals and provide students valuable hands-on experience with Division I sports teams.


Supervisor: Elizabeth Donohue, Associate AD/Senior Woman Administrator/Compliance

A compliance internship offers students experience with NCAA academic, recruiting, and Title IX rules and regulations. Student responsibilities include researching NCAA bylaws, assisting with the maintenance of the NCAA Compliance Assistant Software, tracking recruiting forms and visits, assisting with athletic scholarship processing, and generating athletic event contracts. Students interested in a compliance internship should have a general knowledge of the day-to-day Division I compliance responsibilities, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to think independently. Students have the opportunity to interact with Division I coaches from multiple sports teams, and develop a better understanding of the responsibilities and skills required for a career in NCAA compliance administration.

Game Day Operations

Supervisor: Darren McCormack, Associate AD/Facilities & Operations

A game day operations internship offers students experience in the preparation for various Division I athletic events, as well as the process of running these events. Students assist the associate athletic director with the preparation of facilities for games and assist on the day of the events. Students interested in a game day operations internship should be highly motivated, able to take direction, and have flexible hours to attend athletic events.


Supervisor: Frank Lombardy, Assistant AD/External Affairs

An athletics marketing internship offers students the opportunity to assist in the promotion of Marist’s Division I athletics program. Student marketing-related responsibilities involve assisting in the creation and design of promotional materials and working closely with the Marist Student Booster Club. Student sponsorship-related responsibilities include the fulfillment of Marist Athletics corporation partnership agreements, contacting local businesses with information about Marist Athletics sponsorship opportunities, and other duties as assigned by supervisor. Students interested in an athletics marketing internship should have familiarity with Adobe CS4 Design Suite (Photoshop, design, etc.), the ability to work on deadline, and flexible hours to attend Marist home events and games. Athletics marketing internships provide students hands-on experience with the creation of promotional materials and the formation of corporate sponsorships for a Division I athletics program.

Sports Information

Supervisor: Mike Ferraro, Sports Information Director

An internship in sports information offers students experience in the maintenance of collegiate athletics websites and social media, and firsthand experience in the press box at Division I athletic events. Student office responsibilities include researching stories for the athletics website, updating social media pages, and assisting the SID in the maintenance of the website. Student responsibilities in the press box include managing the phones, updating out of town scores, assisting the SID with statistics, and running statistics. Students interested in a sports information internship should have a general knowledge of sports statistics, be observant and self-motivated. Sports information internships provide students the opportunity to excel in a fast-pace, hectic collegiate sports environment.

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